U-Scope PRO 7.5 Fr

The thinnest single-use ureteroscope in the world

U-Scope PRO 7.5 Fr

The U-Scope PRO 7.5 Fr Digital Flexible Ureteroscope is specially designed for use in medical procedures requiring a single use device. Its powerful digital imaging capabilities provide clear visualization of the urinary tract and surrounding areas. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable experience for the patient, while the advanced technology provides accurate results for medical professionals.

7.5Fr Small & Powerful

Technical Specifications

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Optical System

Field of View


Direction of View

Depth of Field

3-50 mm


Maximum Deflection Angle

270° Up | 270° Down

Maximum Outer Diameter

7.5 Fr

Distal Tip Diameter

7.5 Fr

Working Channel Diameter

3.6 Fr

Working Length

650 mm

Additional Features

Custom Buttons

Two buttons that can be customized to enable image capture, auto white balance, freeze frame, record video, and more.